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Anonymous said...

There are plenty of black people who don't subscribe to the gangster mtv produced lifestyle which white rich men have used to culturally enslave the black population that which you and all your friends worship like faggots. I have nothing against people with dark skin, Christ the smartest dude I ever met was a black professor of physics at university of Maryland (I did not go the the university of maryland, but whatevs). Don't judge me you cant even begin to understand me, you label me a racist when people like you are the ones keeping black people down by promoting a culture of macho drug street violence. Fuck you if I see and you piss me off Ill kill you I'm coming back to the states and I'm not the same bitch I was before I was just conditioned by my parents and everyone around me to avoid your silly low class macho shit and not to go to jail. But u know what I dont care anymore if I live or die, me and my friends fuckin beat the shit out of a bunch of morrocans with knives here in torino outside a bar after they tried to steal our shit and I got scar on my lip where the dude tried to slice my face open so now things have changed I'm a different faggot than before because if I REALLY start fighting you I don't think Ill know when to stop Ill bash your skull into the pavement so many times, ill crack ur fuckin skull open and give u brain damage. Try me, Ill be seeing you soon

Anonymous said...

Im not afraid of what youll do to me Im afraid of what Ill do to you. Then theyle put me in an insane asylum for the rest of my life if I kill u but yeah try me lets see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Can you provide examples regarding this promotion of drugs and violence? You also just devoted 6 lines to a violent fantasy. Please buy a diary and enough with the empty threats.

Anonymous said...

What are you fucking stupid? Figure it out for yourself

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, I know you dont have anything better to do. Or cant you think of any?

subhuman said...

I actually do have better things to do but fine Ill entertain your madness and by madness I mean willful ignorance

Off the top of my head
World star hip hop
Ian Reeds video

A study from Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation





listen to the lyrics of like 90% of rappers which all condone drugs and violence but why am I even playing your game you already know all this

Fuck even I like listening to freddie gibbs but I know the effect this shit has on young minds and corporate america is funding it so that we have more black rappers and drug dealers instead of black scientists

Rap and Hip hop as music isn't the problem its the culture and words which is doing the opposite of self empowering blacks this shit just keeps them segregated in ghettos and drop out of school and the worst part is they love it and white people love, wake the fuck up man. This is the instrument of black oppression in the 21st century.

My brother met a dude who was a black panther and he fuckin hates hip hop and rap for all these reasons he said the white man hijacked that shit in the 80's

Anonymous said...

Why do you think Im going to read that regurgetated shit or click on those links. Music is fucked in this age, nobodys debating that. This is a skate blog for a small group of friends. It has nothing to to with the music industry. The only Worldstar video posted on this site was of people that are part of that small circle of friends. And Ian Reids video got posted too, but are you bitching out the hundreds of other sites that did too? What is your issue here? Youre foaming at the mouth over hip hop being stolen in the 80s, when everybody involved with this site was hardly alive.

subhuman said...

stop fakin that's all I gotta say

Anonymous said...

Those are the examples I'm looking for. Explain how skating for fun is faking it.

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