Pick up a copy of Skate Jawn issue 17 for a Franco interview I did and a whole lot more. I have copies and so does Pitcrew. Unfortunately, Franco's sequence ran pretty small and dark, so I've reuploaded the color photos here in better quality.

 This was an epic day. Lots of pushing around. We spent 2 to 3 hours at this double set, and Franco was the only one trying a trick. If we didn't have that crew (especially Asshole Mike), John probably would have given up after two tries. Luckily, we had several cases of beer and Mike's twisted encouragement to keep John motivated. He would try the trick, and then we'd spend the next 15 minutes convincing him to give it another go. By the end of it all, his left hand looked like a rotting sirloin. He did roll away, though. I love everyone's faces in the last few frames.

Click on an individual photo to enlarge. Ctrl + click to go even larger.

  Photos: Sam Gordon

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